About Taylor

Hi, I’m Taylor. By day I’m a marketing consultant with a heart for nonprofits, and by night I watch a lot of Food Network. I live in the (not-so) Wild Wild West of Wyoming as a newlywed with my high school sweetheart and now husband, Brandon. We spend a lot of our time debating politics, dreaming about the day when we can finally get a dog, and trying to resist the temptation to eat dessert (and losing most of the time).

You know those bloggers that make you jealous the minute you end up on their site? The ones that are always perfectly polished, effortlessly graceful, and somehow manage to Instagram 20 lattes a day without gaining weight?

Don’t worry, I am not one of those bloggers.

I fall down often and without any semblance of grace. I drink Starbucks way more than is healthy for any normal person, and I cannot for the life of me keep TV show plot lines straight. I’m known for spilling things on myself (and others) and for talking too fast for most average people to understand. As a newlywed and recent college grad, I’m just trying to figure out life and how to be less of a mess.

I started this blog my freshman year of college as a creative outlet. At first it hosted my 18-year-old self’s preachy wisdom about life, until I realized I was 18 and therefore had no life wisdom to speak of. But I did have a lot of interesting experiences and a passable sense of humor.

After I graduated college, I took a break from the blog, thinking I was going to quit blogging…but I just couldn’t stay away. A Cup of Tay, while a little more grown-up now, is back. A Cup of Tay is where I share my journey through faith, marriage, and life with a little humor and a lot of coffee.

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!