It’s again been a long time since I blogged. Exactly two months in fact. Oops. Now that life is a bit less crazy, I’m hoping to blog at least twice a month, if not more often. I’m putting that out in the world. Hold me to it. Anyway, I figured a good segue back into blogging would be sharing some life updates. A lot has happened in the Rosty household as of late.

First off, two days after my last post, I started a new job. I now work as the Communications Manager for The Blue Bench, Denver’s only sexual assault prevention and care center. It’s the coolest job ever, and despite going from working at home with Thor to a 45-minute commute and a full-time office job, I have never been happier.

What my organization does (because people always wonder!) is a few things. First, we help survivors of sexual assault connect with whatever resources they might need, whether it’s help finding a new place to live after being attacked by a family member or therapy services, which we also offer. Second, we go into schools, businesses, bars, and anywhere else that invites us and talk about consent, being an active bystander, and preventing sexual assault.

My job involves promoting all of that on social media, email, and everywhere else. I’m also in charge of event planning, which is new to me, and graphic design, which I absolutely love and could do all day, erryday. I’m learning, I’m growing, and I get to work every day with a group of boss women who are committed to creating a better world for other women. Like a friend put it, “You get to do a job that you like, using the skills you went to school for, and you’re actually making money doing it. That’s the dream.”

November-December 31 were insanity as I both worked my new, full-time job and finished up all of my freelance engagements. I didn’t want to leave my clients hanging so I gave them until the end of the year, which meant frantically working lunches at the Starbucks down the street from my office, trying to keep all of the spinning plates that were my life up in the air. I’ve now wrapped everything up and am excited to just be doing ONE job. This may be the first time in my career I’ve done that, hence the “now that life is a bit less crazy” comment.

The holidays were lovely. We had the good fortune of everyone coming up to Denver to see US instead of us driving to WY to see family. Christmas Day was spent eating prime rib in our pajamas and watching movies, and New Years’ was spent with Brandon’s family, exploring ALLL the kid things in Denver with our nieces and nephew.

Brandon and the nieces. Warms my heart.

Sidenote, Thor wore a Christmas sweater on Christmas Day. I know you want to see photos. Here they are.

Remember that awesome car God dropped in our laps earlier this year? It’s a goner. Already.

We started 2019 off with getting in a car accident New Years’ Day that totaled said brand-new car. Totally not our fault and totally devastating. Thank goodness that car was AMAZING and kept us incredibly safe despite hitting another vehicle at 35 miles per hour and having the airbags deploy. 10/10, would recommend an Acura.

As usual, God is awesome and provided us with the funds from our insurance settlement to get something different, but we’re still mourning the loss of Stella the Acura. Oh Stella, we hardly knew ye.

The start of 2019 has also brought a lot of heartache. I don’t feel ready to share details yet (and not sure I will), but if you have a quick sec, we’d appreciate your prayers. We’re doing okay, but it’s been a hard year already. As one of my best friends said, “Maybe this is 2018 getting in its last word.” Darn it, let’s hope so.

That’s what’s going on with us. Excited to get back to blogging more frequently. Thor is too, he says. He has a lot of thoughts about The Wall.

Look for more good stuff soon!

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