Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m a businesslady and marketing guru living with my husband/high school sweetheart (Brandon) and adorable pup (Thor) in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

If you’re looking for polished fashion photos and skincare tips, keep on scrollin’. But if you’re looking for a good laugh, a little perspective, and some insanely cute dog photos, you’re in the right place.

A Cup of Tay is where I share my take on life with humor and a pinch of sass.

Things you might see me writing about: married life, my weight loss journey, Thor the dog, my faith, my generally awkward encounters with the outside world.

Things I love: lattes (duh), cooking, the show Jeopardy (I’m 70, it’s fine), the color coral, traveling with my husband, anything pumpkin (I loved it before it was trendy!!!), my dog and husband, Jesus, country bars, exploring cute old downtowns.

Come join me as I sip a latte and try to figure out my twenties.