Yes, A Cup of Tay is Back!

For those of you that have known me for awhile, you’ll remember the days of old when the original A Cup of Tay was a thing. I dished out sassy posts weekly, and then less often. I shut down A Cup of Tay temporarily, then brought it back…and eventually, I shut A Cup of Tay down for good.

There was crying. There was complaining. There was rioting in the streets (okay, maybe not). The point is, people weren’t happy about it.

And to be honest, I wasn’t either. I shut down A Cup of Tay because I felt like I’d reached a writing rut. Blogging no longer felt natural or exciting, and I was struggling to put together my trademark humorous content for readers. So I called it quits.

Thinking maybe I just needed to shift focus, I started an alternative blog last year, Grace and Grace Alone, where I planned to blog about my faith. The problem was, I wasn’t feeling any more inspired to write about my faith than I was about anything else, and blogging about just faith-related topics felt too restrictive.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the itch to write again. I miss it – a lot! During a call with one of my best friends a few weeks ago, I could her her sister yelling in the background as per usual, “Where’s A Cup of Tay? When are you starting A Cup of Tay again?”

Usually I laugh and tell her it’s a thing of the past, but this time it got me thinking. Yes, it’s a little weird to revive a blog like 3 times. But it’s also silly not to give the people what they want (ha) and to pick something back up that I enjoy.

I feel like a lot has changed since last time A Cup of Tay made its appearance, so I’m going to start with a clean slate, not uploading any of my old posts. Maybe I’ll slip one or two in every once in awhile (Brandon wrote like a four-part story of our relationship, for example, and it’s freaking adorable). I’m going to blog about what I love blogging about, which is whatever the heck I want. But really though, you’ll probably find posts on married life, my faith, Thor the Dog (he may write some posts of his own!), my weight loss journey, and anything else I feel like I can make humorous enough to share.

For those of you who have become friends with me since I closed down A Cup of Tay, thanks for reading. And for those of you who have, in your own way, cried, complained, or yelled through a phone at me to keep writing, thank you.